Introducing SlothFi — A decentralised ecosystem launching on Harmony

Hello everyone, today we’re excited to introduce you to SlothFi, a decentralised meme ecosystem that will be shortly launching in phases on the Harmony blockchain.

Roadmap TLDR;

January 2022 — Launch Avocado+ Stage 1 on Harmony Testnet & Mainnet
February 2022 — Launch LazyBones & $SLOTH token
March 2022 — Launch SlothFaucet
June 2022 —
Launch Avocado+ Stage 2 on Harmony Testnet & Mainnet
August 2022 — Launch Avocado NFT Marketplace on Harmony Testnet
September 2022 — Launch Avocado NFT Marketplace on Harmony Mainnet
October 2022 — Launch native mobile app for Avocado NFT Marketplace

Product Suite

Lazybones will provide chart and portfolio management for the harmony blockchain and help you find new rising projects.

  1. It will show you a warning on the page of a token, incase small number of holders own large quantity of the token.
  2. Charts of all tokens present on the harmony blockchain.
  3. Condition of all the liquidity pools .
  4. Will also try to find other ways to show more information about the tokens.

Thus you’ll be able to find tokens that are trustworthy on the harmony blockchain.

Down the line, we plan to add more features to LazyBones such as Multi Charts, DEX Filter (find the best rates across all DEXes available on harmony) and much more.

During later stages, LazyBones will also be launched on other chains such as Fantom.

Avocado NFT Marketplace
Most NFT Marketplaces on harmony blockchain are buggy and slow. Avocado NFT Marketplace will put the user (you) to the front, and focus on user experience, while allowing you to buy/sell/list NFTs. This user friendly experience includes a web-app and a native mobile app.

The main focus of Avocado will be to give every artist a chance of been seen, and every user a great interface to browse, buy, and sell NFTs.

Being an NFT artist, it can be difficult to launch your NFTs if they’re large in number, Avocado+ will solve that problem, and provide you with a developer friendly API, where you only mint NFTs when you have a buyer ready. Think of not having to build the backend for a project like CryptoPunks, just create your art and upload, connect the APIs to a button and we’ll do the rest.

Down the line, we plan to turn Avocado+ into a “Shopify for NFT Stores”. Using our own API, you would be able to create white-label NFT stores for your NFT collection with one click and no developer experience.

While launching our 3 main products, we’ll also be launching some secondary products such as faucets and more. Because we all forget to leave some ONE for the fees :D


Throughout all the products mentioned above, our $SLOTH token will play an important role in levels, subscriptions and more. While we’ll be publishing a separate post regarding our token, this post will have a brief summary of the use-cases.

  1. LazyBones will also allow products to promote their tokens in-order to be higher on the list. The money from those transactions will be used to buyback $SLOTH, thus increasing the price and stability of the token.
  2. NFT creators will need to hold certain amounts of $SLOTH in-order to publish their NFTs on Avocado.
  3. Payments received from Avocado+ white-label clients will be used to buyback $SLOTH, thus increasing the price and stability of the token.
  4. Incentivised Liquidity pools will be launched on various DEXes.
  5. Payments received from sale of SLOTH NFTs will be used to buyback $SLOTH token.
  6. $SLOTH will serve as the governance token for all products launched by SlothFi on Harmony.


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